A wide selection of quality food prepared with fresh, local and seasonal produce. Our ‘Wold Famous’ award winning pies are complimented with a well stocked cellar and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Gluten Free

You can enjoy our pies below as a Gluten Free option, however please give us 24 hours' notice to make this especially for you.

*Please note there may be particles of shot & small bones in the game pies and although we take every care to remove these some may still be present

V = suitable for vegetarians

Trip Adivsor

It is advisable that parties of 6 and above pre order their meals to avoid any delays or disappointments.

Children's portions can be provided on request

If you have a birthday, anniversary, wedding or other occasion or surprise and would like to discuss menus and prices, we can cater for all requirements and are happy to make the day special for you.

The Piebald Inn does not levy a service charge - We believe rewards are for good service and should be at the discretion of the customer

We accept all major credit cards