Main Course Menu

Not in the mood for pie? No problem we have traditional main courses for you to choose from below.

All our steaks are sourced from Trotters local farms and grilled to your liking with hand cut chunky chipped potatoes or
jacket potato, grilled tomato, mushroom, home made onion rings and garden peas.

8oz Sirloin steak


10oz Ribeye steak



12oz grilled steak served with your choice of a wedge of fresh pineapple or fried egg, hand cut chipped potatoes and garden peas. £14.50
(All steaks relate to approximate uncooked weights prior to cooking.)

Vegetarian Lasagne

Layered pasta, seasonal vegetables and tomato sauce topped with cheese and served with hand cut chunky chipped potatoes and side salad. (V)£12.25

Homemade Vegetarian Chilli

Mexican style beans refried with chillies, onions and parsley, finished with cheese and tomatoes served with either rice or hand cut chipped potatoes & chefs own garlic and lemon soured cream. (V) £12.45

Mushroom Stroganoff

A classic creamy mushroom stroganoff served with boiled rice (V) £12.50

Chick Pea and Spinach Curry

Diced sweet potato with cooked chicpeas, chopped red peppers and spinach in a midly spiced coconut curry sauce. Served with rice or hand cut chipped potatoes (V) £12.95

Sauces are made fresh to order, including:

Peppercorn, Stilton, Creamy Garlic.


Homemade Onion Rings in Beer Batter £4.00
Hand Cut Chunky Chipped Potatoes £3.75
Hand Cut Gluten Free Chunky Chipped Potatoes £3.75
Fresh Seasonal Vegetables £3.75
2 Slices of Ciabatta Garlic Bread £3.75 + £1 for cheese on garlic bread
Side Salad £3.75
2 Slices of Ciabatta Garlic Bread with cheese £4.75
Side Salad £3.75